Small Business Investment

Partnership is our ultimate goal ambition. Rather than hiring simple manager. At Showcase AM, we believe in equitable profit distribution and we will always partner with the manager of any the company with the aim to converge our mutual interest in the company instead of hiring a simple manager. This business model is what has guided our success, and we will continue in those very footsteps.

Venture Capital

Supporting entrepreneurs in their early-stage development by providing initial financial investment and business support is an essential part of our objective. We believe in the founders as much as in their ideas. Founders are provided the required support while maintaining their creativity and freedom in their fields. In addition to that, we believe in open dialogue, we listen to their needs, we support their ideas, and deliver sincere and objective opinions that only assist and benefit them. Supported by a wide range of expertise, we deliver an impartial analysis before investing and we remain fully committed after our investment.

Business Development

To support our partners, we have created an echo system of expertise supported by our software and online development, engineer, marketing and business development professional. Our motto is to create an environment where long term collaboration benefits all stakeholder.
Many of the services we offer include:
- Market research, Marketing plans and digital marketing services
- Engineering consultancy
- Business and commercial development

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