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About Us


Jony El Khoury is the Showcase Asset Management’s CEO. With over 20 years of experience in the financial market, investment management, and business development, Jony coordinates the global strategy and investments of the firm as well as manages the marketing and efficiency of Showcase Asset Management’s diversified portfolio. SMEs and companies managed by Showcase AM include automotive, real estate, technology, IoT, development, F&B, entertainment, Healthtech, and more.

Jony El Khoury

Founder & CEO

Our Success Story

Operating on an ad-hoc basis since 2010, spread in different sector, Showcase Asset Management (Showcase AM) has been recently created in order to consolidate and expand our growth through a financial arm.

By integrating our different companies, businesses, and concepts, we put together a range of independent affiliates, dedicated to providing a broad portfolio of solutions and services in the US, Europe and MENA region.

As a widely diversified group, Showcase AM committed professionals, specialize in various fields of technology, marketing, automotive mechanics, sales, entertainment, and health. With our long-established reputation and throughout years of success, Showcase AM has established strong relationships with leaders in different industries. This allows us to offer and deliver our diverse clients professional services, all over the globe.

Our Mission

In a world driven by the short-term objective and continuous change, Showcase Asset Management aims to offer a professional and echo-friendly platform for start-up and small business company. We strive to support these startups and create small businesses that have potential to grow and reach the international scene.

Our Vision

Innovative, committed, and creative professionals providing valued solutions alongside financial investment, driven by a partnership culture shaped by integrity, dedication and success.

15 Years of Experience

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